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June 24, 2011

Whispers of the Beloved

Prayer clears the mist
and brings back peace to the soul.
every morning, every evening
let the heart sing,
La ilaha il Allah.
"There is no reality but God."
We are bound together
I am the ground
You are the step.
How unfair is this Love!
I  can see Your world
but You, I cannot.

A sad little story...
Rumi had a cat whom he loved very much and who loved him, and after Rumi’s death, his cat refused to eat and died one week later. She was buried near him by his daughter, as a sign of his friendship with all creatures.

Do you want to enter paradise?
To walk the path of Truth
you need the grace of God.
We all face death in the end.
But on the way, be careful
never to hurt a human heart!